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I make lists.
That's not unusual is it? Lots of people I know make lists.
Lists make me feel as if I've achieved something, and when they're lists for an event that I'm looking forward to, it creates an air of anticipation around the whole thing.
My lists are a teeny bit different to most people's...
Because, ahem....

I paint my lists.

I don't mean that I paint over them. I mean I actually paint pictures of the items on my list.
Not every list. I mean, I don't paint my weekly shop. That would be mad! (As if you don't think I'm a just a bit potty already.)
No, I mean my Packing Lists. For things like weekends away, holidays, and for the much-anticipated writer's Conference held by the Romantic Novelist's Association, this year in Leeds.

I'll find you some of the painted lists in my sketchbooks. Hang on a minute while I dig some of the better ones out...

Here's one. It was a big mistake, by the way, to wear skinny jeans to Cuba. It was fine on the flight, but I nearly melted at the airport.
At least I looked reasonably co-ordinated while I fainted. (I didn't, actually, but another lady did. I knew how she felt. There was no air-conditioning at the airport, and we were packed together like cattle.
I should have worn the one below.

 Much more suitable.
I've still got those pink wedges, although I don't think I've EVER painted my toenails orange. Wouldn't I look as if I had a really worrying nicotine habit?
Aaand left, is more of my actual holiday packing list.
You get my drift, anyway. I'm not going to embarrass myself with any more pictures.
And I'm not going to add that I use packing cubes...
*psst, they're brilliant, btw.

The reason that I particularly wanted to tell you about this slightly weird habit, is that I'm a visual person. When I write, I see the characters, the action - and I write it. Like a screen-play, unfurling before me.

So, I began to draw my characters.
If you've read, Summer at the Art Cafe, you'll know who this is:

And if you haven't, then you really should!
I'm doing some give-aways soon - bearing this image, and also, the front cover, which I also painted!
Keep an eye out :)


  1. Love it! Painted lists - what fun. I know what you mean about having a visual memory - ut I never thought of drawing my lists.

    1. Hahaha, now EVERYONE will be doing it! Thanks Susanna xx

  2. Ah. That explains why your clothes are so well co-ordinated.
    And why I look like a big feather and down duvet tied around the middle(ish) with a piece of string! Mind, with my artistic ability stopping somewhere pretty short of matchstick men, I don’t think I’ll be attempting to follow your lead!

    1. You so do NOT look like a duvet tied in the midde, Tel the Pensioner :D, silly-arse xxx


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