Shortlisted for Choc Lit Search for a Star Competition 2016


Sorry, was that a bit ear-splitting?  That was me, overtaken by excitement - okay, it's still me, overtaken by excitement - reading my name on the shortlist of six on the Choc Lit, Search for a Star competition this morning, for my debut novel, Ticket to Ride.

Mind if I do it again? Only a bit quieter?

The winner will be announced on 16th July.  I'll be the one prodding my emails every 30 seconds until then...

So, at the moment I'm about 12000 words into the stand-alone sequel to Ticket to Ride, which I told you about earlier.  I've called it A Spoke in the Wheel.
I am loving it - and living it. My characters are real - no they ARE - and are living out their lives inside my head.
My 'outside my head' life is endangered by them - I have to keep going back to check that I've locked the door, I couldn't remember how to get to the gym the other day - and that's not because I don't go!

Real, spoken words that come out of my mouth, seem to desert me when I'm in writing, as if my brain's using all the best ones on the page. Plus, over-excitement has rendered me useless at anything more than jigging excitedly round my studio so far today.

So, I'm off to tell the page what my Spoke in the Wheel friends are up to - and hopefully you'll get to read about them some time soon!

Speak soon!


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